Emergency Youth Services

1314 11th ave, regina, SK. (306) 545-3445

The 15-bed gender-inclusive emergency shelter, funded through the Ministry of Social Services serves youth between the ages of 16-17. The Safe Shelter is a voluntary, youth-centered service intended to provide short-term, supportive accommodation on an emergency-crisis intervention basis to at-risk youth. MSS has defined at-risk youth as those surrounded by negative environmental factors, demonstrating high personal vulnerability and at-risk of homelessness.

A Safe Shelter fosters a safe and supportive environment where youth can meet their basic physical needs (e.g. food, warmth, clothing, shelter, hygiene) and address their social needs to effectively make positive changes in their lives through the resources and programming offered by Safe Shelter staff.

Staff of the Shelter will encourage and help youth to connect to the community and promote involvement, integration and peer support within the context of the Safe Shelter. The Safe Shelter is staffed by an awake team, 24 hours each day, and is part of a residential care continuum that includes: staffed peer homes, mentored peer homes, independent living environments, and other services and supports within the child services continuum.

Self-referrals or MSS Referrals welcome.

The Emergency Shelter also hosts our Pit Stop and Evening Program.

Downtown Browne's Emergency Youth Shelter Celebrates 5 Years