Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you just do Face Painting and how do I book Street Culture for my event?"

We do Face Painting but so much more! Our Face Painting services are part of our fundraising strategy. Face Art supplies funding for the social programs within the agency.  If you’re interested in giving back to your community, call our main office to book today!

"What Can I Donate?"

We accept cash, clothing, furniture, toiletries, and art as well as craft donations. If you have any questions regarding your donation please contact our main office. 

"Can you pick up donations?"

Absolutely, call our main office and we will arrange a beneficial time to pick up your donation.

"Who do you serve?"

Our youth range in age from five to twenty-five. Younger participants are able to access Albert Library's Girls & Boys club – an after school program located in the inner area of North Central. Older youth can access our day program – Pit Stop, evening program, housing as well as the RCY program.