What is Street Culture Project?

est. 1998

The Roots...

The seeds for Street Culture Project were planted the summer of 1996 when Kim Sutherland (now CEO) was asked to coordinate a program within the North Central Community Association. This was called the North Central Street Culture Project.

The primary goals of this new program was to increase the usage of the community centre by children and youth in the North Central area and to fill a gap within art education in the inner city. Art was seen as an amazing tool that can easily be used for engagement.  Art allows for creativity to flow and allows for anyone to participate - regardless of capacity or ability. Art does not foster the idea of competition as it can be done independently or within a group setting.

In 1998 the Street Culture Kidz Project Inc. (SCKz) found its feet. The agency developed, expanded, and continued to respond to the expressed needs identified by participants. Responding to the participant’s interests, capacities, and abilities, while working with the same premise of art as an engagement tool, art was also used as a fundraising tool. SCKz was contracted to provide large-scale murals throughout the city. This also produced the idea of face art.  The youth in the program played a very big role in these creations and the general evolution of the agency.

Street Culture grew from this concept - allowing youth to have a say, some responsibilities, and a safe place to help to foster long-term relationships with adults and community supports.  This, in turn, demonstrated great promise to break cycles of generational trauma and provided long-term benefits to the most vulnerable youth.

What began years ago as a summer activity program for inner city areas has expanded to engage thousands of participants from diverse populations, and over a considerable distance. Street Culture has been able to fill gaps within the community by developing peer homes, mentorship programming, transition planning, day programming, work experience programs, Saskatchewan’s first youth shelter, and of course, the ground level work of Street Culture’s economic base – Face Art and Catering Services.

The Street Culture Project Inc. is a leading example of effective community and economic development, with a special focus on relationship development and programming for street involved and underserved youth.

Our Values:

Personal Relationship Building
Community Involvement
Goal Driven
Lifelong learning