Street Culture Peer Housing

All street culture peer homes are named after founding board members in recognition of their support & contributions.

Street Culture Peer Homes are funded through the ministry of social services. 

GLInn (Gretta Lynn’s Inn)

GLInn provides housing for young men 16 years of age and older. It offers these youth semi-independent living arrangements.  It also provides housing service to these youth until the age of 24. The Ministry of Social Services has access to and funds 5 of the 6 beds.


DOC’S was Street Culture’s first residential home to open. It is a Peer Home that provides permanent housing for five girls ages 16-18. One of the main goals of Street Culture is to help the residents develop support systems and gain the life skills they need to move out on their own and become healthy, contributing members of society.


Wendy's was Street Culture’s second residential Peer Home to open and is the sister project to DOC'S. As such, Wendy's adheres to the same processes, structure, standards, and philosophy as DOC'S.


Available to CLSD (Community Living Service Delivery) involved young men and women between the ages of 16-21, currently in the care of the Ministry of Social Services. Staff work with the youth to develop life skills and move residents further along the spectrum of independence. Heavy emphasis is placed on case planning and integrated community development and connection. 


Higgins' Haven provides a sober-living residence for young people choosing the sober lifestyle. This pilot project has been running for several years and is subsidized by Street Culture's fundraising efforts.